July-November 2015

Some pictures made ourselves as well as Johan Horst and Boris-SK photography. Special thanks to them for their nice pics!!

Spraying Potatoes against molds
Potato harvest September 2015
Potato harvest near Kopcany
Our new \"potato-line\" for an efficient loading and storage process
Hopper with cleaningunit
....we can easily switch from loading into boxes.....
....or bulk delivered on trucks
2015-07-09 18
Panoramic view at our yard
early morning task distribution
Potato harvest planning
Wheat harvest
New Holland CR9080 elevation
Cabin detail
New Holland CR9080 elevation + New Holland CX8060
....can we proceed or will be rain???
New Holland T8050 + Annaburger Chaser bin
Unloading on trucks
Quality grains
Temporary grain storage
Our new teloscopic loader
Grain deliveries @ some old but useful silo\'s near our farm
Office works
Refuel for stubble cultivation
Stubble cultivation
.....nice ;-)
Soilpreparation of sowing oil rapeseed
Ready for loading seeds and fertilizers
Sowing oil rapeseed
...and again
Harvest for storaging
AVR axial cleaning system
Storaging with the same new \"potato-line\"
Storaging with the same new \"potato-line\"
Days are getting shorter in november!
....it is a privilege being a farmer!!!