One of our main crops from the last years and the near future is potatoes.

Since our very first activities in Central Europe agriculture we believe that high offsetting, intensive cultivated crops are a very welcome addition at the large scale crops in our crop-plan, which are dependent on capricious world market and weather. Our network in the potato industry is very important by making long-term sales and marketing-agreements.

Nowadays we produce yearly about 8000 tons of net Global Gap certified Potatoes, mainly used for French Fries production. Since 2014 we have a automatically climate controlled storage facility available for 3000 tons. The realization of this warehouse enables us to deliver potatoes from half of July until June.

With an experience of over 30 years in growing potatoes and specific potato machinery, we are growing potatoes "the Dutch way" in Central Europe. Long-term knowledge and modern technologies, ensure a high quality product. Fertile soil, large plots and extensive irrigation possibilities ensure maximum yields and efficiency.