About us

Záhorie Farms was founded in January 2013 and is fully owned by Breukers Holding Ell B.V., a company owned by the Dutch family Breukers. Since 2005 we are active in the Slovak agriculture.

Since the early 90's the Breukers' believe in the potential of the Central Europe agriculture. At the end of 2004 this ambition resulted in the take-over of their first 750 ha of high fertile soil at the very west part of Slovakia. The central location relatively close to European major capitals, high availability of freshwater and the fertile stone free soil, were important conditions by choosing this specific region.

Nowadays Záhorie Farms is active in the districts of Malacky, Skalica and Trnava, primarily in the area of  "Záhorie". From our farmyard in Malé Leváre we manage on an acreage of over 2200 hectares of agricultural land the production of cereals, rapeseed, corn and potatoes.

Our vision is to make a perfect match between the efficiency of large scale farming in agro commodities and perfectionism in intensive cultivated crops like potatoes.

Our team consists of motivated and skilled employees. Management and fieldworkers operate side by side which results in a situation where Dutch efficiency, pioneering spirit and regional experience strengthen each other.